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Brent was born and raised in Davis, CA alongside his fellow cow brethren. After leaving the pasture, Brent studied Film & Media at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), where he was Sports Editor of the No. 9 ranked Daily Nexus newspaper, radio broadcaster at the school's KCSB radio station, and began producing/directing various independent video, comedy and film projects. Brent currently resides in Los Angeles working as an independent producer and still tries to make as many people laugh as possible -  though he often sneaks back home for a big whiff of manure every once in a while.  

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Past Work

Since 2010 Brent has been an independent producer/director of various music videos, short films and commercial projects. Some of his film work has been featured at international film festivals and he's had multiple music videos play on worldwide television. Brent's comedy writing and performing has also led to multiple shows and performances, as well as many online videos and consistent embarrassment for various members of his family. 

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Brent enjoys sandwiches, particularly those that can be acquired at a local delicatessen, or "deli," and that include some variation of meat, cheese, olives, tomatoes and lettuce. He also enjoys peanut butter and jelly (blackberry) sandwiches, both by choice and by requirement of his current living situation. He's not complaining though, blackberry jelly could be slathered on leftover plain spaghetti and he'd still enjoy it. Which he has.